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I love posting the works of authors, but the Manor takes up 'a lot' of my time, so anything that can be fixed so I don't have to, makes it easier for me to get your stuff up quickly. So before you send me your work, please make sure this stuff is set with your stories. Don't worry there are only a couple of rules, so please follow them. 

1. Submissions MUST be Ronin or Yoroiden Samurai Troopers related. (Crossovers included)
2. If possible have it in HTM or HTML format before you send it. This helps 'a lot!!' Otherwise I can take Word, Word Perfect, Works, NotePad, and Wordpad.
3. I 'do' post Yaoi fics. But please tell me if it is yaoi or sex related of any kind, so I can mark it as such. 
4. Once or twice a month I will send out a mass e-mail to all of the authors I host. This is to get new chapters or info that might have changed. If you get these and you no longer write Ronin fanfics, e-mail me and tell me to take you off the list. 
5. As a final note: When sending me your work, please include the following in the e-mail.

  • The Pen Name you want the fics listed under.
  • Your current e-mail
  • The Title of the fic (I don't use chapter names)
  • Your web page URL, if any. (Ronin or not is okay, no porny stuff though)
Then it is as easy as sending your stories to 'me' (derrian_star@yahoo.com)

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