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Even though it is hard to believe there were mistakes made in the Ronin Warriors series. Here is a list.

Mistake #1
In episode 2, everybody had the wrong voice. Probably a dubbing mistake or something. Here's a little bit of the warriors, Mia and Yuli. I didn't get the warlords because they didn't really talk much, and their voices weren't that bad.
Mistake #2
In the same episode, when Ryo screams out "Flare up now!", he does it twice.
Mistake #3
In episode 8, "Friend or Foe" when the warriors were recovering and Sage woke up, Yuli called him Sai. Also When Kento says "Hey, that's great!", it's Ryo's voice.

Mistake #4
In episode 13 "Fate of the Ronin Armor", when Kento grabs on to the side of the train, his right hand is not armored.

Mistake #5
In the same episode, Rowen's bandana appears yellow for a moment

Mistake #6
In episode 14, the artists, for some reason, drew two Rowens. One in armor, one in subarmor (supposed to be Kento).

Mistake #7
In episode 17, Sage's sword breaks when Talpa's hand hits it, but when the hand comes back to smack Sage, it's whole again.

Mistake #8
In the end of episode 20 "Ronin vs. Saranbo", when Ryo transforms into the white armor, he's holding the Fervor Soul Swords at first.
Mistake #9
In episode 34 "Strata's Defiant Stand", Ryo disappears from Whiteblaze's back (where he's unconscious after being zapped) in one scene.

Mistake #10
In episode 37 "Anubis' Armor Revived", when Kayura (possessed by Badamon) appears on top of the energy ball, Kento's hair is blonde.

Mistake #11
In the American theme song, Rowen's and Sai's virtues get switched. Their voices are also screwed up.
Mistake #12
In episode #22 'Saber-Stryke's Deadly Challenge', when Yuli and Whiteblaze are playing in the beginning of the episode, Whiteblaze's tail doesn't have any stripes.

Mistake #13
During Rowen's first meeting with Kayura in the clouds, the top of the back of his helmet is golden

Mistake #14
I don't know if this is how Anubis is supposed to transform, but when he first transforms in ep.37 he puts his helmet on backwards.
Mistake #15
In the episode when the Ronins first enter Talpa's castle and Sage was fighting Cale, there's a ring around Cale's neck. It's supposed to be part of his armor, but I guess they colored it his skin's colour.

Mistake #16
In episode when the warriors are absorbed by Talpa, before he beams up Sai and Rowen, Rowen's helmet horns are broken, but they are fixed in the next frame.

Mistake #17
In a couple episodes, Dais's eye patch switches eyes.

Mistake #18
In the episode "Wildfire's Fight Against Fate" when the Ancient is telling the story of how he made the armors, they get Sage's and Sai's virtues mixed up.

Mistakes #19
In episode 2, when Rowen says "An eye for an eye." his hand doesn't appear to be armored. But it is white. 

Mistake #20
In episodes 1 and 2 bridge of Whiteblaze's nose is completely black instead of white.

Mistakes #21
Kento's armor horns are mixed up.

Mistake #22

In episode number two, "Glory for Anubis" Sage actually says his Japanese kanji, right before he attacks Anubis, he says Tao Rei!

Mistake #23
In episode 2, when Anubis swings his kasuri gami over his head and nearly hits the Ronins. When Rowen and Sage duck, Rowen's armor has a greenish coloring to it, like a teal blue instead of his usual royal blue.

Mistake #24
In episode one, White blazes nose keeps on switching colors. It would be white one moment, then black in another.

Mistake #25
In episode 1, when White Blaze is thrown off somewhere, Ryo shouts "White Blade!" instead of White Blaze.

Mistake #26
The space under Ryo's arm is suppose to be coloured here.

Mistake #27
In episode 6, Sai says faith instead of trust but later he always says trust.

Mistake #28
In 'White Blazes Sacrifice', when Ryo speaks to SaberStrike while in his armor... after receiving the soul swords the symbol on his shoulder armor disappears

Mistake #29
In the episode where Mia, Yuli and Anubis go look for the Jewel of life. When Anubis is fighting the two soldiers in the forest, first one has a chain and one has a stick, next scene they BOTH have chains, and then when they attack Anubis one has the chain and the other has a stick again.

Mistake #30
In the first and second episodes Sai's eyes are brown but in the rest they are sea green.

Mistake # 31
In the episode, "The Armor of Life," when Anubis does his attack "Quake with fear" Ryo and Sai are laying down on one side of the crevice and Rowen and Sage on the other, Sai and Sage switch places!

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