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Voice Actors

The voices of the characters for both RW and YST.
- American Voice Actors

  • Character: Ryo
    American Voice: Matt Hill
    Other Roles:
    GI Joe Extreem as Metalhead,
    TMNT III  as Raphael,
    Cardcaptors as Kero
  • Characters: Sage and Cye
    American Voice: Micheal Donovan
    Other Roles:
    Reboot as Fong
    Dragon Ball as the Turtle Hermit
    Conan the Adventurer as Conan
    Street Fighter as Guile
  • Characters: Kento and Gash
    American Voice: Jason Gray-Stanford
    Other Roles:
    Dragon Ball Z as Raditz
  • Characters: Rowen,Sekhmet and Badamon
    American Voice: Ward Perry
    Other Roles:
    Warriors of Virtue as the villager (voice)
  • Characters: Anubis, Saber Strike, Dara and Sand Strikers
    American Voice: Paul Dobson
    Other Roles:
    Reboot as grown Enzo
  • Characters: Cale, Saranbo and Dr. Koji
    American Voice: Richard Newman
    Other Roles:
    Beast Wars as Rhinox
  • Characters: Dais and Dynasty Soldier
    American Voice: Matthew Smith
    Other Roles:
    Dragon Ball Z as Tien
  • Characters: Kayura
    American Voice: Jane Perry
    Other Roles:
    Dragon Ball Z as Chi Chi
  • Characters: The Ancient, Sun Devil, and the Narrator
    American Voice: David Kaye
    Other Roles:
    BeastWars as Megatron
    Exo-Squad as Draconis
  • Characters: Talpa
    American Voice: Mina Mina
    Other Roles:
    Warriors of Virture as Master Chung (voice)
  • Characters: Mia Koji
    American Voice: Lalaina Lindbjerg
    Other Roles:
    Dragon Ball as Bulma
  • Characters: Yuli
    American Voice: Christopher Turner
    Other Roles: None

- Japanese Seiyuu
  • Character: Sanada Ryo (Ryo)
    Jap. Voice: Kusao Takeshi
    Other Roles: 
    Akira as Kai
    Captain Tsubasa as Dais
    Casshan as Casshan
    Dragonball Z as Trunks
  • Characters: Date Seiji (Sage)
    Jap. Voice: Nakamura Daiki
    Other Roles: None
  • Characters: Mouri Shin (Cye)
    Jap. Voice: Sasaki Nozomu
    Other Roles:
    Akira as Tetsuo
    Bubble Gum Crisis as Mackie Stingray
    Yu Yu Hakusho as Urameshi Yuusuke
  • Characters: Shuu Rei Fuan (Kento)
    Jap. Voice: Nishimura Tomohiro
    Other Roles:
    Macross 7 as Gigiru
    Macross Plus as Yan Noiman
    Ranma 1/2 as older Ho-o-
    Sailor Moon as Yamada Katsutoshi
  • Characters: Hashiba Touma (Rowen)
    Jap. Voice: Takemura Hiroshi
    Other Roles: None
  • Characters: Shuten Douji (Anubis)
    Jap.Voice: Yanada Kiyoyuki
    Other Roles:
    Marmalade Boy as Meiko's father
    Blue Seed as Yamata no Orochi
    Gundam F-91 as Zabine Chareux
  • Characters: Anubis (Cale)
    Jap. Voice: Matsumoto Yasunori
    Other Roles:
    Captain Tzubasa as Napoleon
    SD Gundam as Knight Gundam
    Tekkaman Blade as Noaru
  • Characters: Naaza (Sekhmet)
    Jap. Voice: Futamata Issei
    Other Roles:
    Gundam as Judak
    Guyver as Aptom
    Saint Seiya as Io
    Yu Yu Hakusho as Kaidou

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