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White Blaze

Name: White Blaze
Age: 1000+
Height: ???
Weight: ???
Hair Colour: White with Black Stripes
Eye Colour: Brown
Birthplace: Japan

Other Info:
White Blaze is a giant albino tiger, which fought alongside the Ancient 1000 yrs. ago, and again alongside Ryo in modern times. He is considered Ryo's pet tiger. Ryo and White Blaze seem to able to understand each other clearly. Among his other qualities White Blaze possesses the strength to carry two Ronins in full armor on his back, fight with blades in his mouth, and keep up with Mia's jeep, not to mention saving Mia and Yuli, and still having enough energy left to play with Yuli.
White Blaze is more or less a spirit tiger or guardian spirit. White beasts are considered sacred in several religions. White tigers do possess some sort of holiness in ancient China and Japan, among religions that have a more naturalistic basis. He merges with the spirit of Black Blaze in later parts of the show, and acquires the armor of Black Blaze in the process. From then on he carries the Souls Swords of Fervor for Ryo.

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