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Name: Talpa
Age: 1000+
Height: Changes
Weight: Changes
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: None/Glowing
Birthplace: Unknown
Birthdate: Unknown
Voice Actor: Mina Mina

Armor: The Original Armor (All Nine Armors)
Attribute/ Kanji: Evil
Weapon: Battle Sword

Other Info:
Talpa is an ancient demon, and head of the dynasty. He is obsessed with conquering The world, so he can feed off human suffering and misery, and further strengthen the dynasty. Talpa is the perfect evil fanatic. He is ruthless, uncaring, manipulative, and conniving. He wants his armor and the human world and will do anything, and use anyone to get them. He has been known to destroy his own warlords when they disappoint him, and has allowed the evil priest Badamon to possess Kayura. He tends to cheat when fighting the Ronins by increasing his size by sixty feet.. It is said that Talpa was actually the spirit of an evil man who used black magic to further his goals after death.

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