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Nether Spirits

Name: Nether Spirits
Age: Depends
Height: 5-6'
Weight: ???
Hair Colour: None Seen
Eye Colour: None, Glowing
Birthplace: Netherrealm
Birthdate: Depends of Rebirth
Weapon: Magic

Other Info:
Created by the hatred and evil emotions of the Human world the Nether Spirits are loyal servants of Talpa. The are storehouses of evil energy and their mastery over that energy is almost complete. While the Nether Spirits are mainly noncombative they are extremely useful. The strongest and oldest of the Nether Spirits is Lord Badamon. He serves a a coordinator and director of the Nether Spirits.
Their ability to channel and manipulate the energy is evident in their ability to merge their destructive powers and create massive energy balls. The energy balls have the ability to enter into orbit, or even to withstand the power of the Inferno Armor. Their ability to channel and manipulate energy is also seen in the way that they infused the Dark Warlords with power.
The Nether Spirits have been seen playing flute like instruments. When using the flutes they are usually directing their powers directly at the Ronin armors. The Nether Spirits can use their powers in such a way to prevent

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