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Dynasty Soldiers

Name:Dynasty Soldiers
Age: Depends
Height: 6-8'
Weight: ???
Hair Colour: None Seen
Eye Colour: White, Glowing Red
Birthplace: Netherealm
Birthdate: Whenever Created
Voice Actor:Matthew Smith

Weapon: just about everything

Other Info:
They are the foot soldiers of Talpa's army and of the other demon's of the Nether Realm. They commonly appear wearing green armor, but they also have red, gold, and a few other coloured armors. The various armor colors may denote rank or be a uniform unique to their master. When killed a greenish grey mist can be seen rising from the remains. Probably the spirit who inhabited the armor. It is uncertain where the soldiers come from. They may be minor spirits. They may be mortal spirits. The most likely answer is that they are created using the life force and negative emotions that the Masters of the Nether Realm drain from the mortal world.

They use an assortment of weapons and equipment. This includes, Bows and arrows, pole arms, swords, kusari gama, and others. They have also been seen riding horses and using battle wagons and chariots. They lack any special attack moves and serve mainly as an annoyance to the Ronin Warriors. They are however very affective against ordinary mortals. In other words their are just a bunch of bucket heads

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