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Name: Sekhment
Age: 437 (20)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 154lbs
Hair Colour: Green
Eye Colour: Green
Birthplace: Southern Kyushu
Birthdate: November 5, 1551
Voice Actor:Ward Perry

Armor: Venom
Attribute/ Kanji: Piety
Weapon: six Katanas
Special Attack: Snake Fang Strike

Other Info:
Sekhmet is the warlord of Venom and has a personal fetish for snakes. He is the second warlord sent after the Ronins. Ryo's armor seems to be particularly vulnerable to Sekhmet's poison, and he usually doesn't have much success fighting him.
Sekhmet is very cunning, and that is as deep as his character goes. He is also very easily the least sane of the Warlords. He did come up with one or two good tricks, like creating the poisonous version of the Armor of Torrent, Cye's evil twin. His main oppenent is Sai.

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