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Sand Strikers

Name: Sand Strikers
Age: ???
Height: 6-7'
Weight: ???
Hair Colour: None Seen
Eye Colour: Glowing
Birthplace: ???
Birthdate: ???
Voice Actor: Paul Dobson

Weapon: a sword

Other Info:
The Sand Strikers are twins, working almost as one they seemed weak at first. They wear non impressive armor, use normal swords and do not possess any special powers. But that was just an illusion to mask their true abilities.
Brute force and undirected attacks have no effect on the Sand Strikers. To make matters worse the only attacks that can do damage to them are ones directed at their spirit. Otherwise when a physical attack strikes them they turn into sand and are quickly able to reform.
These two twins are ninjas of the highest caliber with the added ability to transmute into sand at will. The Sand Strikers also have the ability to move incredibly fast and to become nearly invisible. Which confuses their opponents. The Sand Strikers have also demonstrated the ability to turn landscapes into solid stone.

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