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Name: Sai Mouri
Age: 15 (TV series), 16 (Gaiden), 17 (Kikoutei), 18 (Message) 
Height: 164 cm/5'4" (TV series), 174 cm/5'8.5" (Message)   
Weight: 54 kg/118 lbs (TV series), 63 kg/139 lbs (Message) 
Hair Colour: Red/Brown
Eye Colour: Sea Green
Birthplace: Yamaguchi
Birthdate: March 14 1973
Favorite Sport: Basketball, Swimming 
Hobbies: The Art of Tea, Cooking, Flower Arrangements 
Dislikes: Eating Fish (w/ the head still on, at least)
Voice Actor: Micheal Donovan

Armor: Torrent
Attribute/ Kanji: Trust
Weapon: Yari (combination of a mancatcher and a trident)
Special Attack: Super Wave Smasher!
Power Up: Dao Shin!

Other Info:
In the English dub, Sai was given a British ethnicity, which seems to fit his proper manners and social refinement. A true fish of the sea, the bearer of the Torrent armor enjoys the finer things in life. His father died early on in Sai's life and so he was raised by his mother and sister(10 years his senior). Thus, he has a very gentle nature. Sai's best friend is Kento.

More Info: 
Sai's family, the Mouri, is descended from Mouri Motonari, a famous naval general in Southern Japan. During the Meiji period, the Mouri family had dukehood. Sai's home is in Hagi in Yamaguchi (YST version). For generations, the duty of the Mouri family is to protect the Hagi Sea. Every member of the family is well acquainted with the sea, Sai more than others.
When Sai was fifteen, he read the ancient documents of the family and learned of Torrents' existence. Part of an old passage to manhood, the males of the family would dive into the Hagi Sea near their home. The sea is very deep, Sai can dive down to the bottom without an air tank. It was at the bottom in a crevice that Sai foung Torrent. He also had some help from his orca friend, Suiki. Sai told his mother later and learned that she also knew about the armour. She said, "At last it has come."
Sai's light blue armour is Torrent, Water, and draws power from any water source. He has a tanto (dagger) behind his right shoulder and wields Suiko Yari, actually a combination of a trident and mancatcher. His special attack is Super Wave Smash, which is a large horizontal pillar of water.
Having been raised by his mother and sister, Sai has a very gentle and polite personality. He is considerate of others and doesn't like fighting. He has trained in both the spear and bo since he was young as part of his training to become the next head of the family.
Sai is starting high school at the beginning of the TV series. The Japanese school year starts in April and Sai was born the month before so he is one year ahead of everyone else. He lives in an apartment in Tokyo for the entire Ronin storyline.
Sai first met his sister's fiancé when he went back to Hagi to visit his mother who had fallen ill again. This was during that interlude between Talpa's death and reappearance. Kento went with him because he knew the area where Sai lived was famous for hagiyaki, a type of pottery. Kento thought it was food.
At first, Sayoko was going to leave the family. If that happened, Sai would have to give up high school and being a Ronin in order to come back and take care of the family business. While trying to get to know his future brother-in-law, Ryuusuke accidentally insults Sai by asking him if he hates the sea. Sai is upset because his sister is giving up her own dreams in this marriage and is even further enraged by her fiancé's lack of knowledge of the Mouri family.
Sai puts his armour back where he found it and then challenges Ryuusuke to a diving contest in the Hagi Sea, whoever dives deeper. Shizuka is surprised when Sai dives in without a air tank. Before they've finished though, Kento calls them back up. An oil tanker has spilled oil over the Hagi Sea. Sai dives back down with Ryuusuke to get his armour. However, the place he put it in has become covered with rocks. As Sai tries to move the rocks, Ryuusuke sees a giant orca move toward Sai. Shizuka throws himself in between them, fearing for Sai's life.
This act totally changes Sai's opinion about Ryuusuke. Sai signals that everything is alright to Ryuusuke. Ryuusuke watches in astonishment as Sai hugs the orca. The orca opens its mouth, in which is Sai's armour crystal. They ride Suiki to the surface and Sai calls his armour. Using his power, he cleaned up the oil spill. Later, Ryuusuke decides to marry into the Mouri family. Sai and Kento return to the others.
Though Sai is gentle and congenial on the surface, when angered he is probably the most dangerous of the Ronins. Sai is a quiet focused anger which lasts longer and is more powerful than a loud uncontrolled anger.
* Father: Died when Sai was young, former leader of the Mouri family.
* Mother: She has a weak heart and is often sick. She is running the Mouri pottery business and the family until her daughter can take over.
* Sayoko: She was engaged to Shizuka Ryuusuke who works at the Marine Research Institute in Hagi during the TV series. They are probably married by Message (Shizuka is marrying into the family, reason given above). Sayoko is ten years older than Sai.

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