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Name: Sage Date
Age: 14 (TV series), 16 (Gaiden), 17 (Kikoutei and Message)
Height: 167 cm/5'5" (TV series), 175 cm/5'9" (Message)  
Weight: 58 kg/128 lbs (TV series), 61 kg/134 lbs (Message)
Hair Colour: Blonde
Eye Colour: Violet/Blue
Birthplace: Miyagi
Birthdate: June 9 1973  
Favorite Sport: Kendo
Hobbies: Bonsai, Playing the Shakuhachi, Repairing Swords, Racing 
Dislikes: Talking to Girls 
Voice Actor: Michael Donovan

Armor: Halo
Attribute/ Kanji: Wisdom
Weapon: No-Datchi
Special Attack: Thunderbolt Cut!
Power Up: Dao Chi!

Other Info:
The "pretty boy" of the group, Sage was a very sickly child and, supposedly unbeknown to him, his parents dressed him as a girl for a while with the thought that girls live longer lives. This (and the teasing by his two sisters) could account for his shyness with girls. He had a strict upbringing at the insistence of his grandfather and learned kendo as was befitting of his family's trade.

More Info: 
Sage's family, Date, is descended from Date Masamune. He is a famous general who built a castle in Sendai, the prefectural capital of Miyagi. He only had one eye and was often called the 'One-Eyed Dragon.' Rowen asks Sage about that in the second TV episode. Sage may live on the outskirts of Sendai, in the family dojo, which he will one day inherit. He is known as the 'young master.' Sage was quite rebellious when he was younger. It wasn't that he didn't like kendo, he didn't like all the etiquette. To teach him restraint, his grandfather made him study bonzai and the bamboo flute in order to teach Sage how to calm himself. For generations, the Date family has passed down the story of an armor, actually Halo.
Sage received his armor after he demonstrated that he understood the concepts of 'REI', or courtesy. In the summer of his second year of junior high, Sage was challenged at his dojo by another famous kendo practitioner, Kazamatsuri Shingo. Sage had won that year's spring kendo tournament for Northeast Japan but Shingo hadn't attended. He wanted to try now. Sage's grandfather forced him into the fight. During the fight, when Shingo was losing, he threw something into Sage's eye. However, only Sage's left eye was affected, his right covered by his hair. Angrily, he knocked off Shingo's face protector and knocked him out.
No one else noticed what Shingo did. Sage's grandfather, furious, sent Sage down to the basement for punishment. It wasn't till later when Shingo woke up did everyone learn the truth. By drawing shame to himself, Sage 'saved' Shingo because if Shingo's deception had become known he would have been forever banned from Kendo. While in the basement, Sage found Halo.
Sage is very proper, and speaks a very formal version of Japanese. He hates lies and evil. Though often in control and calm, Sage can be driven into a nearly blind rage.
It caused quite an uproar among Ronin fans when Sage drove Mia's car when he was only 14. The legal driving age in Japan is 18. He also won a race car race when he was sixteen.
During Sage's rebellious childhood, he once took the family's sacred sword and played with it in the courtyard. While playing, he broke one of his grandfather's bonzais. His grandfather never noticed because a tulip was placed there but Sage dreaded the punishment that would come if his grandfather ever found out. In elementary school, Sage's friends usually cried whenever they saw both of his eyes, saying it looked scary. Sage's eyesight is very sharp and the paleness of his eyes makes them look hard. Yayoi suggested Sage cover one of his eyes so his friends wouldn't be scared.
Sage was vice-president of the Kendo club at his junior high in seventh grade and the president in eighth grade.
Because of the battle with Talpa which occurred in the spring of 1988, Sage did not attend the kendo tournament. Shingo won the championship that year and later wrote a letter to Sage, hoping that they'll meet at next year's tournament. It was in this letter that Rowen and Kento got the idea to cut Sage's hair. Shingo had written that Sage didn't look bad with both eyes, why didn't he cut his hair? Rowen and Sai chased Sage with scissors. They didn't read the postcript where Shingo speculated that maybe Sage's victory was due partly to how intimidating Sage looks with both eyes showing.
*Father: Also a practitioner of kendo but is part of the police force. He married into the Date family.
* Mother: Second only to Sage's grandfather in the dojo.
* Grandfather: Unusually strict, the walking precepts of the Date house. A very hearty old man, he is largely responsible for Sage's upbringing. He was educated as a Bushi (warrior) of the Eido period and taught Sage to be the same.
* Yayoi: Sage's older sister by five years. During the TV series she was a medical school student. She uses formal language like Sage, and is said to be a talented kendo practitioner as well. Yayoi has and does teases Sage so much, that it makes it very hard for him to talk with girls.
* Satsuki: Sage's younger sister by two years. She speaks normally, unlike her older siblings, and doesn't seem to have much interest in kendo. She calls Sage "ni-chan", kind of like "bro" for an English equivalent.

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