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Saber Strike

Name: Saber Strike
Age: ???
Height: 8-10'
Weight: ???
Hair Colour: None Seen
Eye Colour: Glowing
Birthplace: ???
Birthdate: ???
Voice Actor: Paul Dobson

Weapon: Soul Swords of Fervor
Special Attack: Winged Angel of Death

Other Info:
Saber Strike came to this realm, accompanied by his tiger Black Blaze, to find Ryo and to take his Inferno armor. He knew that the only way to defeat Talpa was if he could get the Inferno Armor before Talpa did. Lord Saber Strike sought to dethrone Talpa because he believed that Talpa's goal of conquering the Mortal World would lead to the destruction of the Dynasty. Saber Strike had fought Talpa in the past but was defeated and received a permanent scar across his chest armor.
Saber Strike is a master swordsman. He has only been defeated by Ryo and Talpa. He possessed the Soul Swords of Fervor and commanded their power. His tiger Black Blaze wore armor that seemed to compliment that of the Inferno Armor, and was the carrier of the Swords of Fervor.

Saber Strike's dying wish was for the Ronins to defeat Talpa. Saber Strike also commanded Black Blaze to merge his spirit with White Blaze thus restoring life to the wounded tiger. White Blaze was restored and given Black Blaze's armor.

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