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Name: Ryo Sanada
Age: 14 (TV series), 16 (Gaiden), 17 (Kikoutei and Message)  
Height: 165 cm/5'4" (TV series), 176 cm/5'9" (Message)  
Weight: 57 kg/125.5 lbs (TV series), 62 kg/136.7 lbs (Message)
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Birthplace: Yamanashi  
Birthdate: August 15 1973  
Favorite Sport: Soccer (Center Forward)  
Hobbies: Hiking, "Moguru Tataki" (aka Whack-a-Mole), Bird Watching  
Dislikes: Lukewarm baths, Interviews, Snow Cones, Social Occasions
Voice Actor: Matt Hill

Armor: Wildfire
Attribute/ Kanji: Virtue
Weapon: Twin Katanas
Special Attack: Flare up Now!
Power Up: Dao Jin!

Other Info:
Ryo is the leader of the group, the bearer of Hariel's Inferno Armour (Kikoutei), and an orphan. His mother died when he was very young and his father is a wildlife photographer, rumoured to have been killed by a wild animal. Ryo has lived alone most of his life in the secluded country region of Japan. He had to walk nine miles to school and back again every day. He is said to live with his grandparents if his father's death holds true.

More Info: 
Ryo's family, the Sanada, was a famous ninja clan. Ryo has never met them since his father, the heir, left the family because he disliked the strict conventions the family kept. Nearly his entire life, Ryo lived in a log cabin in the mountains either in or near protected forests. It is very far in since Ryo must walk about nine miles to get to school. By Message he has moved to Tokyo for high school.
Ryo has been with White Blaze for several years. He met the tiger first when he was four, and again when he was seven, and then ten. It was during the winter, that the Ancient One first appeared to him and began his training. In truth, it was White Blaze who led the Ancient to Ryo, White Blaze chose Ryo.
Ryo received his armor a year before Talpa invaded. One story from the script writers tells of how poachers were caught in a forest fire they started to flush out game. Ryo wanted to stop the fire, to save the animals, his home, and the poachers (even though earlier they had threatened to shoot him for standing up to them.) The kanji 'JIN' appeared on his forehead and the fire was absorbed into him, forming the undergear.
Ryo is totally indifferent to finery and fashion and is not comfortable in social situations. However, he has a large heart and is often cheerful and lively, albeit impatient and stubborn. He loves nature, having grown up in it.
* Father: professional wildlife photographer. He often goes on long expeditions, leaving money in the bank for Ryo's expenses.
* Mother: Died when Ryo was very young.

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