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Name: Rowen Hashiba
Age: 14 (TV series), 16 (Gaiden), 17 (Kikoutei and Message)
Height: 165 cm/5'4" (TV series) 178 cm/5'10" (Message)  
Weight: 55 kg/121 lbs (TV series) 66 kg/146 lbs (Message)  
Hair Colour: Blue
Eye Colour: Midnight Blue
Birthplace: Osaka Fu
Birthdate: October 10 1973
Favorite Sport: Baseball
Hobbies: Go (Japanese chess), Chess, Puzzles, Computer Games  
Dislikes: Kyodai fans (Baseball team, he likes Hanshin.)  
Voice Actor: Ward Perry

Armor: Strata
Attribute/ Kanji: Life
Weapon: Bow and Arrows
Special Attack: Arrow Shockwave!
Power Up: Dao Inochi

Other Info:
Rumored to have an I.Q. of 250, Rowen is the most intellectual warrior as well as the youngest. An only child of divorced parents, the blue-haired young man enjoys studying (history) as well as physics and astronomy (his father is a professor). Rowen is said to have low blood sugar, and consequently consumes a large amount of candy and anything sugar-saturated. He has a voracious appetite nearly as bad as Shu's, but it doesn't show.

The name Hashiba was used by Toyokimi Hideyoshi, the person who united Japan before Tokugawa. In history, the Hashiba clan was wiped out by Tokugawa.

In his father's side of the family, there has been a legend about a armor that the family once had but lost. Rowen was researching ancient history and strategy, taking interest in this opposite to what his father researched. He created a computer program to analyze the data but couldn't understand the output. His mother happened to drop by that day and identified as "Ama no Hashidate", one of the three famous sites of Japan and where Rowen trains later in the TV series. It is there that he receives his armor. The story says he went there during the spring vacation of his second year third semester of junior high. That would mean he got it almost right before the battle. It was probably a year earlier.

Rowen's dark blue armour is Strata, and draws power from generally air. He has a metal collapsible hankyu, Sho Ha Kyu (bow), that can be hooked on his quiver which supplies an endless amount of golden energy arrows. Rowen is skilled both in Eastern and Western archery. His special attack is Arrow Shockwave, which creates a huge air wave that obliterates anything its path

Rowen has lived with his father in a modern apartment in Osaka since his parents divorced when he was twelve. His mother has the spare key to drop in whenever she wants. Rowen's father's lab is in Kyoto. In the original storyline, Rowen's paternal grandfather owned a shrine and Kento was a foreign student who was staying there.

Rowen has an IQ 250, which means during the TV series, he had the intellectual capacity of a 35 year old. (His mom did say he acted like an old person.) Because of his intellect, others would call him a Living Computer or genius. Adults didn't treat him like a kid, so Rowen often acts like an adult. He actually enjoys studying. He also likes reading detective stories.

Once Rowen got a zero on the math portion of the academic tests given as practice for the college exams because he forgot to write his name and the teacher was a substitute who didn't know him.

Though he is usually a cool, self-possessed person, matching his computer-like intellect, his emotions can also make him as violent as a tornado. The Ronins are the first real friends he's ever had and he'll do anything to protect them.
In addition to the interests listed above, Rowen's hobbies are sleeping and eating. He has low blood pressure which makes it harder for him to get up but he also likes to sleep. Staying up til two in the morning doesn't help either. His idea of waking early is eleven am. Rowen actually eats as much as Kento but it doesn't show and he doesn't talk about food like Kento either. He does have a sweet tooth.
* Father: Genichirou, a university researcher specialized in physics and astronomy. He's the type of mad scientist similar to Doc Brown of Back to the Future. He almost never leaves his lab. He'd like Rowen to join him in his research. He has a beard which I guess shows how far from the norm he is.
* Mother: About a decade younger than her ex-husband, she still keeps in touch with the two. She is described either as a very cheerful young person or an air-head. She is an international journalist and is about 32 when the other Ronins met her in Tenkuden. She gave birth to Rowen when she was eighteen. She treats both Rowen and his father like friends.

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