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Red Torrent

Name: Red Torrent
Age: ???
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 122lbs plus Armor
Hair Colour: None Seen
Eye Colour: Glowing
Birthplace: Netherrealm
Birthdate: ???
Voice Actor

Armor: Red Torrent
Weapon: Yari
Special Attack: Super Wave Smasher!

Other Info:
The Red Torrent is a creation of Sekhmet's poison. He is a exact duplicate of the Torrent armor, except for the fact that he is red in colour. And also the fact that he came use poison in the same fashion as his creator.

He was suppose to capture Sai, but Torrent was able to find his center and destroy him. A poison shot out from the mangled armor and hit Sai and caused him to fall and be taken to the dynasty.

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