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Name: Kento Rei Fuan
Age: 14 (TV series), 16 (Gaiden), 17 (Kikoutei and Message)
Height: 164 cm/5'4" (TV series), 170 cm/5'7" (Message)  
Weight: 62 kg/137 lbs (TV series), 62 kg/137 lbs (Message)  
Hair Colour: Dark Blue
Eye Colour: Grey Blue
Birthplace: Kanagawa
Birthdate: September 1 1973  
Favorite Sport: Judo, Kung Fu, Rugby
Hobbies: Eating, Arm Wrestling, Mountain Climbing 
Dislikes: Devil's Tongue and Swallow's Nest Soup (both are food)
Voice Actor: Jayson Gray-Stanford

Armor: Hardorck
Attribute/ Kanji: Justice
Weapon: Tetsubo/Naginata
Special Attack: Iron Rock Crusher!
Power Up: Dao Gi!

Other Info:
A descendent of Chinese heritage, Kento comes from the largest family as well as the wealthiest. He has two younger brothers and two younger sisters, making him the eldest of his siblings. If there's one thing Kento likes, it's eating. That's probably why he and Sai (a chef Emeril in the making) are such good friends. Kento is always joking around or making wisecracks, making him the comedy relief of the team.

From his immigrant ancestors, who moved to Japan from China during the Ching Dynasty, the story of a armour has been passed down. One family actually possesses the armour. Kento's family is part of a collection of families, a clan, in Yokohama that follow the leadership of an older man called Grandfather. I'm not sure if he is really related to Kento.

When Kento was thirteen, he secretly gave Kento a test to see if he was worthy of the family treasure. During summer vacation, Kento and the next two siblings were allowed to go to the family resort where the family treasures were kept. What happens next differs. Several treasures were broken, either by Kento's siblings or by an old lady they met on their way there. Either way, in order to take the blame off of them and onto himself, Kento broke several other treasures himself. This awoke the 'GI' heart.

Hardrock appeared before Kento and then vanished, leaving the armour sphere behind. His siblings didn't notice. But the version that had the old lady was actually the grandfather and he knew about it all. He had also replaced the treasures in the resort with imitations before Kento came. 

Kento's orange armour is Hardrock. He has a weapon that is usually a tetsubo, iron bo, with a naginata blade on one end. It can also change to a three-jointed nunchuck. His special attack is Iron Rock Crush, where he spins the bo over his head and then aims one end toward the enemy and ground.

Kento's family is the most prosperous of all the Ronins but he isn't snobbish about it. He also has the most 'normal' family. As the oldest of five, Kento knows how to live with lots of people. That's probably why he doesn't get into so many fights with the others when they all live together despite his stubbornness and short temper. He'll most likely inherit the family business.

Ever since Kento was young, he pilfered food to fill his ever empty stomach. As the oldest, he was supposed to yield to his younger siblings. He even drank spoiled milk once because he knew that yogurt was made from sour milk.
* Father: Chan Run, owner of a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown, Yokohama. It is now a chain restaurant. Also knows kung fu.
* Mother: Master of Chinese kung fu and has taught Kento since he was young.
* Rinfi: sister, three years younger than Kento, stubborn and realist.
* Yun: younger brother five years younger than Kento, cute.
* Mei Ryu: younger brother eight years younger than Kento, mischievous.
* Chun Fa: younger sister eleven years younger than Kento.
* Grandfather: actually the leader of the clan that Kento's family is part of. Kento will probably take over when he resigns.
* Uncle Chen: also owns a Chinese restaurant that appears in Gaiden. Not sure if he is a blood or clan relative.

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