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Age: 429 (12)
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 97lbs
Hair Colour: Dark Blue
Eye Colour: Blue/Green
Birthplace: Nara
Birthdate: January 1, 1560
Voice Actor: Jane Perry

Armor: No Name
Attribute/ Kanji: None
Weapon: 2 Starlight Swords Jjittes)
Special Attack: Star Sword Scream!

Other Info:
Kayura is a descendant of The Ancient's clan. Talpa kidnapped her from The Ancient's clan while she was young, and trained her in the arts of darkness. He keeps her under control, and ignorant of her past through the gold necklace she wears.

Kayura has tremendous power, and is almost always able to overcome the Ronins in a fight. She also single handedly beat all three remaining warlords.

Deep down inside Kayura is a good person, yet she is chained to Talpa through dark magic. She is eventually freed from Talpa's control, and assumes the role of Ancient, but Anubis is forced to pay the ultimate price to gain her freedom.

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