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Name: Kale
Age: 438 (21)
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 139lbs
Hair Colour: Blue
Eye Colour: Blue/Green
Birthplace: Northern Honshu
Birthdate: January 9, 1551
Voice Actor: Richard Newman

Armor: Darkness
Attribute/ Kanji: Obedience
Weapon: No-Datchi and a Claw
Special Attack: Black Lightning Slash!

Other Info:
Kale is probably the most power hungry of all the warlords. He has a strong dislike for Anubis, and seems to revel in his early failures against the Ronins. Like his virtue demonstrates he is willing and ready to serve Talpa no matter what. 

Kale is the exact opposite of Sage. His armor is powered by darkness, while Sage's draws it's power from light. He almost always goes after Sage if given a chance, and their battles tend to be intense. However, they both seem to be relatively good fighters.

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