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Worn By: Ryo Sanada
Armor: Inferno
Weapon: Soul Swords of Fervor
Special Attack: Rage of Inferno!
Power Up: Dao Jin!

Other Info:
The Inferno armor was created by Hariel, a previous wearer of the Wildfire armor. He was the first to combine the powers of the five armors.  The Souls Swords of Fervor were created thereafter, to channel the enormous amount of energy generated by the Inferno.

The armor operates by absorbing energy from any of the other 8 armors (eight including the warlord's armor) usually leaving their wearers weak.  It's powers are enormous, however, it takes a lot out of the wearer.  It has left Ryo barely standing more than once.  It is supposed to represent a pure force of good incorruptible by evil. 

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