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Age: 20
Height: 10-12'
Weight: ???
Hair Colour: None Seen
Eye Colour: Glowing Green
Birthplace: ???
Birthdate: May 28, 1970
Voice Actor: Paul Dobson

Armor: Phantasm
Weapon: Sword from Ronin Power
Special Attack: Those of Torrent, Hardrock, and Halo

Other Info:
Dara is one of Talpa's demon generals who seems to have just given in to Talpa's rule when he took over. Dara is in command of a garrison post in the Nether Realm. He has thousands of Dynasty soldiers under his command. After Talpa created a new weapon Kayura was dispatched to bring it to Dara. The weapon that Kayura brought was a sword made of the powers of the Torrent, Halo and Hard Rock armors. Dara was ordered to take his army and destroy Ryo and Rowen. Dara immediately fell into the trap of believing that the sword would make him invincible.

Dara has no real special powers or abilities of his own. But he is the Warlord of Phantasm which may mean that he possesses powers similar to those of Dais. He is naturally strong, and must be a good military commander for hewas in charge of a massive amount of troops.

Dara's main powers comes from the sword that Talpa gave to him made of the powers of the Torrent, Halo, and Hard Rock Armors. This sword made was immune to any of the Wildfire armor's attacks and was able to use the "Super Wave Smasher!" the "Thunder Bolt Cut!" and the "Iron Rock Crusher!"

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