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Name: Dais
Age: 439 (22)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 154lbs
Hair Colour: White/Violet
Eye Colour: Blue
Birthplace: Kanto
Birthdate: October, 9, 1549
Voice Actor: Matthew Smith

Armor: Illusion
Attribute/ Kanji: Serenity

Weapon: Nunchuka and Six Scythes
Special Attack: Web of Deception!

Other Info:
Dais is probably the second most intelligent warlord, next to Anubis. He often thinks up the most intricate, and devious plans, which have come deadly close to taking out the Ronins (more than once). Nothing Dais does is ever simple. He is the second warlord to begin questioning Talpa's motives. Dais seems to particularly like messing with Kento, because he is very susceptible to his mind games. He was successful in convincing Kento that his armor was evil

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