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Derrian Star

Name: Derrian Star 
Age: 18 (younger twin) 
Birthday: May 24th 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Weight: ???
Height: 5' 5"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Green

I 'm originally from Darwin, Austrailia, but I moved to Japan about half way through the school year. And both me and Adrian are currently attending Han'a High. I can speak Japanese pretty fluently, but with an aussie accent of course.

I enjoy reading and singing. Right now though, I'm debating whether or not to  go out for Track, I'm pretty good at running distance. My life long dream is to become a singer, and sing in front of large audiences. 

I don't have parents, they drowned at sea a 'long' time ago. But I'm getting along pretty well. The hurt has grown away a bit. I live in a house with my brother not to far away from Mia's, It was once our Parents. And we inherited it when we turned 18. Thats why we decided to move

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