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Adrian Star

Age: 18 (older twin) 
Birthday: May 24th 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Weight: ???
Height: 5'5"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Blond (Naturally Green)

I 'm originally from Darwin, Austrailia, but I moved to Japan about half way through the school year. And both me and Derrian are currently attending Han'a High. I can speak Japanese pretty fluently, but with an aussie accent of course.

I enjoy reading and playing the guitar. I am also on the Track team, doing pole vault. Which is quite fun if I might add. 

I have green eyes, which is the only difference between me and Der, which is strange but that way you can tell us apart (besides the hair colour). And just so you know I'm the older twin *smiles* by one minute but I'm proud of it ! (11:58pm)

I don't have parents, they drowned at sea a 'long' time ago. But I'm getting along pretty well. The hurt has grown away a bit. I live in a house with my sister not to far away from Mia's, It was once our Parents. And we inherited it when we turned 18. Thats why we moved

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